Fastnet Landing Nets - Trout and Salmon Landing Net Review

Trout and Salmon magazine review the Fastnet Hywel Morgan Bank Landing Net in their pick of the best new game fishing tackle whilst Hywel Morgan demonstrates the bank net features and benefits.

Our pick of the best new game-fishing tackle

Every component of the Hywel Morgan Bank Landing Net addresses a specific need of the stillwater trout fisher.  It has a long lanyard, so the net can be slung over the shoulders for easy carriage to a favourite bank spot.  It has a spike that screws into the butt, which enables a fisher to stand the net pole upright.  The set can be secured in three positions: folded over the pole for compact carriage; at a right-angle to the pole so that, when the pole is spiked into the ground, it can be used as a basket for retrieved fly-line; or fully unfolded for when a fish is to be netted.

The telescopic pole is 36" long and extends to 64" - simply twist to release and then lock the pole at the desired length.  The net frame is 22.5" long by 20" wide.  The pan-style knotless net bag is 24" deep.  Big enough for the largest fish.

The pole's moving parts rattle a bit and it's not as rigid as some other nets, however, Fastnet point to the unique diamond and hexagonal design of the frame and pole, which is extremely strong - when stressed, a hexagonal or diamond shape is apparently stronger than a circle or square.  It makes sense.  Pole and frame are made from aluminium alloy, so very light, and the pole is anodised.  The nylon glass resin knuckle, about which the net folds, operates well - the net can be easily flicked forward into the netting position.

Fastnet nets have been well received by salmon-fishers and this design should prove a hit among trout men.

Trout & Salmon Magazine - June 2010


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