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Tackle & Guns Magazine - 2014

At T&G, we are often surprised at the sheer number of angling developments which spring from the enquiring minds of engineers in other fields who seek to improve both their own angling experience and that of fellow anglers; Fastnet Developments Ltd is another of those companies who lead the field in innovation and design. Whilst Fastnet can lay claim to impressive engineering achievements including the concept and realisation of the SFA portable goalpost system, development of vehicle airbags and safety systems and component parts of the devastating Exocet missile unit in service with the MOD, the company are also rightly respected for their superb catalogue of angling products.

Robert Cairns, Product Designer, explained; "Fastnet is a UK leading expert in the manufacture of CNC precision machined components. We listen to our clients and quickly establish their needs whilst they thrive on our ability to think innovatively; presenting engineered solutions through more effective processes; this includes our work when producing specialist landing nets for the game angler."

The company first began to make landing nets after Robert designed a unique gift for a personal friend who, after suffering illness, found it a struggle to lift his fish from the water. Subsequently, the new Trout Gye landing net created a real stir at the local angling club where it came to the attention of the Managing Director of a nearby sports manufacturing company who set Robert the challenge of building a net weighing less than a bag of sugar which was capable of supporting salmon in excess of thirty pounds! An impossible task? Not for Robert or Fastnet, and the resulting Salmon Gye landing net weighed just 780g and easily engulfed salmon up to 40lbs! The rest as they say is history....

After many years in engineering, and even more as an angler, Robert now works alongside his time served son Adam and daughter Lynsey and the company is bounding ahead with lighter, stronger, smarter landing nets designed by anglers for anglers. The range offered by Fastnet is endorsed by some of the most respected guides, ghillies and game anglers such as Paul Young, Hywel Morgan (who endorses Hywel Morgan Bank landing net) and Keith Cromar, many of whom work beats of rivers such as the Tay and Dee where quality is paramount and failure is not an option for clients who may be spending a lot of money to catch that fish of a lifetime!

The Fastnet product range offer some of the highest specification materials available; unique aluminium alloy rim, hexagonal aged-hardened and tempered aluminium shaft, automatic brass tapered locking system, nylon glass toughened resin moulded knuckles and a host of other features ensure that Fastnet landing nets are amongst the very best on the market.

Robert is proud of the fact that he maintains his manufacturing in Scotland; by offering exceptional quality and value for money. Fastnet Developments have rapidly become the ‘go to‘ company for anglers who need a landing net which gives reliability, functionality and consistency no matter how challenging the environment.

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