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"Fastnet is a fine Scottish product, well designed, efficient and fish-friendly for catch and release."

Paul Young

"Bank fishing can be challenging whether you are fishing on small still waters when the line catches on snags on the ground or you are wading and your line tray ends up in the water and the line tangles up just as the line is flying out.

Due to the above problems some 2 years ago I set out working with Fastnet to solve these and give the bank angler the ultimate net that would enhance the fishing experience.

This net will act as a line tray at whatever height you need as the extending leg will lock in any position. It will keep your line tangle free due to the size of the mesh used and make sure every cast will reach its full potential, and flips over to a landing net one handed so this can be done while playing a fish.

Now when I go bank fishing the Bank Net is the first piece of equipment I pack".

Hywel Morgan

“I use the Fastnet Trout Gye Landing Net and highly recommend it. It’s a pleasure to carry one of these nets as they are extremely light. They are also very strong so each time I land a fish I am confident that I won’t lose it.”

Davie McPhail

"Fastnet landing nets are simply the best landing nets I have used in over 20 years of guiding and teaching people to fly fish.  The framework is lightweight and extremely durable, with overall build-quality that is second to none".

Eoin Fairgrieve

"When sea-trout fishing, be it at day or night, the one thing I loathe is protruding net components. You are constantly faced with the frustrating scenario of the fly line getting caught and trapped around the main shaft of the net, which more often than not leads to casts falling short or worse; lost fish in that moment of line clearing, where you are worrying and concentrating on untangling the running line from the net, rather than where the fish is heading. I then stumbled across the Fastnet Superior Telescopic Folding Sea Trout Grilse Landing Net. This is the cure! And one that I have been searching for for a long time, with the past options always falling short of expectations.
Not only is the net strong yet light, comfortable yet practical, but the line never gets caught around the base, as there are no protruding components. Superb! This is my go-to net and I would highly recommend it."

Stephan Jones

"I endorse the Fastnet range of Salmon Gye Landing Nets which are light, strong and well designed for ease of use.

They are versatile - whether slung on the anglers back or spiked on the river bank - and are therefore readily available for the anglers use or by a colleague to safely net any size of salmon.

In many cases this could be the fish of a lifetime!!"

Jock Tait

“Having used the Fastnet Salmon Gye Landing Net for the last two seasons on the Famous Park Beat, we highly recommend this net for any salmon angler, light strong and very comfortable to use with confidence.  Believe me, these nets have been put through some testing times over the last two seasons, without any problems what so ever - light, strong and very reliable."

Keith Cromar

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