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When I was twelve I spent most of the summer on the banks of the River Irvine placing bets with the other lads hoping I would be the one to catch the first fish of the day. When I finally hooked it all eyes were on me but unfortunately I never had a landing net back then so I tried to drag the fish onto the bank and it managed to escape.  I'll never forget how disappointed I was!

The summer passed and my focus moved on to other interests.  By the age of 14 I was spending most of my time at the local scrap yard gathering spare parts from motorbikes.  As my collection grew I decided I would try and build one myself.  Looking back I recall running up and down the old coal mine slagheap on 'my new bike' feeling a massive sense of achievement and it was at this point that I decided I wanted to be an engineer.

Shortly after finishing my apprenticeship I started my own business and throughout my career I have done many things that I am extremely proud of.  I was contracted by the MOD to develop and manufacture the tooling system which produced the drive propellant for the Exocet missile.  I also developed the air bag system we have in our cars today.  And I invented the SFA portable lightweight seven aside goalpost system which involved creating not only the manufacturing production line and the product itself but also creating a British standard for safe portable goalpost systems.  
Come 34 I took my family on a well deserved holiday to Florida and whilst there my son asked if I would take him fishing.  This simple request brought back some wonderful memories from the summer spent on the banks of the River Irvine. 

On our return we joined a local angling club and spent many happy hours on the rivers, banks, lochs and fisheries in Scotland.

We would travel to Baden Loch Estate in Sutherland once a year and Bill, a dear friend of mine, would drive the troops up north as well as ensure we had enough supplies of food and drink for the long journey ahead.  Bill was then diagnosed with cancer in his late 60’s and had to have muscle removed from his left hand side as a result of this. He then experienced difficulty when landing his catch and it was at this point I decided to repay Bill for all his generosity over the years.  I used my knowledge and experience to design a perfectly balanced, lightweight, extremely strong landing net and on presentation his new Trout Gye landing net he was ecstatic; even more so when he easily landed his next catch.

The net soon created a buzz at the local angling club in Ayrshire and also came to the attention of the Managing Director of a nearby sports manufacturing company who was so impressed he set me a challenge...

“If you can design and build a salmon net that weighs less than one kilo that can land a salmon in excess of 30lb of this quality it will be by far the best salmon net on the market.” 

He didn't think I could do it and was delighted when I presented him with the Salmon Gye landing net that weighs a mere 780gms and has the potential to land a salmon up to 40lb.
So here we are today.  My son is now a time-served engineer working alongside me and it is our dedication to engineering and our passion for angling that has motivated us to design and manufacture the full Fastnet range of 'Lighter, Stronger, Smarter' landing nets; designed by anglers for anglers.

I hope my experience in product design, development and manufacturing can bring you as much joy as it has brought to me over the years.
Tight Lines
Robert Cairns, Product Designer 

Father & Son Fishing
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