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Each of our landing nets can be easily despatched with the standard lanyard that is provided with most of our landing nets. However, if you would prefer to depatch your landing net using the Fastnet Landing Net Peel Sling or spike your landing net into the bank you can add these Landing Net Accessories to your order and avoid paying shipping if ordered at a later date.


Lifetime Guarantee

When you place your order online your guarantee is automatically registered.

Please follow the simple care and maintenance instructions provided with your landing net to prolong the lifetime of your investment.

PDF IconCare & Maintenance Leaflet

Additional instructions are available online.


Full Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and a full refund is offered if this is not achieved.  If you wish to return your landing net you must contact our team within 14 days of receiving your landing net.

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