Fastnet Landing Nets - Gye Net Grip Replacement

Things you will need:

  • Allen Key (provided with replacement ‘Grip’ / ‘Bottom Grip Mould’)
  • Double Sided Tape (provided with replacement ‘Grip’ / ‘Bottom Grip Mould’)
  • Stanley Knife
  • White Spirit
  • Dry Rag
  • Fairy Liquid

Step 1: Separating the ‘Rim’ from the ‘Shaft’

Remove the brass plug from the top end of the shaft using the ‘Allen Key’ provided.  This will allow you to separate the ‘Rim’ from the ‘Shaft’


Step 2: Removing the ‘Bottom Grip Mould’

  • Hold the ‘Bottom Grip Mould’ over steam to soften the adhesive tape that holds this in place if necessary; feel free to simply pull to remove if you can.
  • Remove the ‘Bottom Grip Mould’ and old adhesive tape from the base of the ‘Bottom Grip Mould’ unless the old tape remains inside the grip; if so peel away from inside the grip.  
  • You will notice your replacement grip has come fitted with a new ‘Bottom Grip Mould’.  Keep the mould you have just removed as a spare.

Step 3: Removing the ‘Grip’

Using a Stanley knife cut down the length of the ‘Grip’ and peel off exposing the ‘Grip Liner’.


Step 4: Removing the ‘Grip Liner’

Using the Stanley knife cut down the length of the ‘Grip Liner’ and peel off exposing the ‘Shaft’.


Step 5: Preparing the ‘Shaft’

  • Remove the old adhesive tape from around the ‘Shaft’.  
  • Clean the shaft with a dry rag and white spirit then leave to dry.
  • Ensure ‘Top Grip Mould’ is correctly positioned at the point where the aluminium shaft diameter widens.
  • Ensure the aluminium shaft is completely dry before applying the tape.
  • Remove 1st backing strip from double sided tape provided (this is the side marked with red dot).
  • Wrap double sided tape around the shaft; removing the 2nd backing strip as you go 9this is the side marked with the blue dot).

Step 6: Fitting the ‘Grip’ / ’Bottom Grip Mould’

Please Note: Before you carry out the 6th and final step of this instruction please look at the ‘Bottom Grip Mould’ you removed at the start of this instruction.  You will notice the base of the mould slots on to the end of the hex shaft; they are a perfect hexagonal fit.  When you are sliding the grip on to the shaft you may come to a point where the grip stops short of the ‘Top Grip Mould’.  In this instance simply twist the grip slowly whilst pressing down and the two should easily slot into place.

  • Pour white spirit into the bottle cap and using your finger rub the white spirit into the tape ensuring an even generous coverage right the way around – Do not allow tape to dry.
  • Using your finger apply a generous amount of fairy liquid around the wider bottom end of the shaft.
  • With the top end of the shaft (end you removed brass plug from) on the ground get the grip and push down with enough pressure to slowly side the grip into place; one hand firmly around the grip and the other pressing down on the ‘Bottom Grip Mould.


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